Nellie van der Horst

Would you like more than just a flexible body and are you also searching for a method to increase your self-awareness? Would you like to feel free to create more space for your inspiration and creativity?

Yoga exercises influence and regulate your hormone system, thus helping you to balance your emotions. This enables you to learn to relax and develop flexibility, which allows you to let go of the things you don’t need. You then discover an increasing amount of space in yourself as well as the space around you.
For me Yoga means “being present in the here and now”. This means living from the inside outwards rather than the other way around. This makes you less susceptible to negative external influences.
My ongoing learning process has led me to develop my own approach in which I connect both Eastern and Western perspectives. I am a member of the Dutch Association of Yoga Teachers (Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland).
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