Anita Dudink

Anita Dudink (b. 1966) has been practising Holistic massage since 2005 and Holistic massage therapy since 2007 ( She enjoys working with the body as the starting point. A holistic approach looks at the entire human being and his or her surroundings rather than just the painful or affected body part.

Massage (touching) is a way of bringing your attention to your body and thus coming into contact with what’s happening in it. Being touched enables you to be moved. Feeling with all your attention can have a healing effect. A physical complaint is a signal that tells you something and asks for your attention. This is an opportunity for you to become conscious of what is happening and then to open up new insights.
Massage therapy can help with a number symptoms including fatigue and stress, dealing with your emotions and becoming better acquainted with your body, as well as chronic pain and bereavement. I also give relaxation massages.
If you’re interested in this therapy, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment.  Send an email to or visit the website www.