Madeleine Maurick

‘To come closer to yourself is to move’.
This is my motto as a gestalt and trauma therapist. There are times when you don’t know what movement is suitable, necessary or desired. If that is the case, it is useful to find support.

Support from whom?
My name is Madeleine Maurick, and I was born (1954) and raised in Amsterdam, a city I love. In the course of my life I have travelled widely in Africa and written about human and gay rights, two topics that are close to my heart. My focus in this therapy is mainly on the here and now, the only time in which we can truly be present. Even if we talk about the past, it’s still about how we perceive and experience it now. A predominantly body-oriented approach enables you to recognise and acknowledge your own physical reactions and survival mechanisms, and thus to broaden your own living space.

Which therapy?

I am a trained and qualified gestalt therapist. I have also specialised in body-oriented trauma therapy (SE-Somatic Experiencing en NARM-NeuroAffective Relational Model). Both forms of trauma therapy use a gentle, healing method. They focus on increasing your own resilience and rediscovering your physical self-regulation so that you are not thrown off balance by every external stimulus.

I have had many enjoyable years working at the Lijnbaansgracht Practice. Should you be interested, visit my website: where you will find more information.


My name is Wilfried Sluys and I am a registered Gestalt Therapist. I run a practice for individual, relationship and family therapy in Purmerend and I also work in Andijk and Amsterdam.
Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which making contact is central. Contact is the way we connect with our environment (family, work, etc). We do this by feeling, seeing, listening, talking and observing. A person is a social being and part of his or her environment. Making contact with that environment and with oneself is a necessity of life. According to gestalt therapy, no growth is possible without contact. People can become blocked in themselves and therefore also in the interaction with their environment. This can cause psychological problems and / or relationship problems. Gestalt therapy is aimed at restoring this contact with yourself and the environment.

Relationship Therapy. 
Being in love is a miracle, especially if it is mutual. But how is it when the infatuation changes and you are back on the ground with both feet? How do you deal with differences of opinion? What do you do if your partner wants more or less intimacy than you? Or if problems arise with sexuality? When he or she goes “dating” through the internet or watching porn? Or if you fall in love with someone after years of relationship? When the children leave the house and you discover that you start annoying each other more and more?In (long-term) relationships, ups and downs always occur. Sometimes the downs last so long or are so far-reaching that it makes sense to seek professional support for a short or longer period of time. Relationship therapy can help to investigate how the relationship stagnates and how you want to continue together or not.

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