Rineke Brinkhof

The Feldenkrais Method deals with the question of how we can learn to organise ourselves in such way that we act in accordance with our own needs, desires, plans and responsibilities. How can we learn to find the best way of coping with the challenges that constantly present themselves? How can we incorporate the ability to keep functioning, even when we encounter difficulties such as invalidity, illness or chronic pain?
More information: www.rinekebrinkhof.nl06 – 42 17 54 47

Nicoline van der Pas

Enterprising and inquiring, with a particular focus on optimum physical functioning and your well-being. I have had a physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam for 30 years. In my manual therapeutic work I gained considerable experience with the locomotor apparatus and with the anatomy and physiology of the skeleton.
My greatest desire is for everyone to discover and draw on his or her maximum potential. The Feldenkrais method provides me with the right tools to make this possible. Visit to find out more information about lessons in Amsterdam or at your business premises.


Barbara Roodnat

We are continuously striving for balance in order to function optimally. That can sometimes be a challenge, but it can also be an amazingly simple process.

My name is Barbara Roodnat and I’m a general physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner. I have many years of experience in both fields. My background enables me to draw from various treatment methods and techniques. The fact is that everyone needs a different treatment specifically geared to his or her own needs. We move from morning to night. In doing our work and practising our hobbies, we try to bring structure to our daily lives. Injuries, afflictions, tension problems or periods of convalescence after operations can get in the way of this. I provide expert guidance in order to influence and speed up the recovery process. One particular aim of the treatment I provide might also be dealing with particular impediments which in some cases are recurring.
If you are suffering from complaints as a result of stress, overwork or for reasons you are not yet sure of, remember that mind and body are an integral, inseparable whole. A disturbance in one area will affect the others. My aim is to illuminate the factors involved and to restore your resilience. Coaching, relaxation and breathing exercises are effective treatment methods. Together we will look for the right solution for you.

For more information and any questions you have about insurance, visit If you would like to get in touch, telephone 06 – 29 88 91 18 or leave a message on 020 – 625 58 73 Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 61570915 / BIG registered / Member of the KNGF and NFV

Frances Schorer

After completing my physiotherapy training (1970-1974), I gained a wide range of experience with MS and CVA patients and child rehabilitation. I subsequently qualified as a haptonomist and Feldenkrais practitioner. My approach and my dealings with both adults and children are influenced by the work of the Hungarian paediatrician Emmi Pikler.

Child Space training (Feldenkrais for babies) taught me how motoric movements develop in babies and how to support parents in gaining an understanding of the importance of unobstructed development. My work includes providing Feldenkrais therapy to groups. I also work individually with adults, children and babies. For me the Lijnbaansgracht Practice is a place to meet colleagues and exchange experiences.
For more information 06 – 30 27 80 07 , or


Anna Verberne

Anna Verberne is a Feldenkrais teacher, Child’Space practitioner and Iokai Shiatsu therapist. She works with children (including small children) and adults, both individually and in groups. She also teaches within the continuing training programmes provided by Stichting Beweging and Dans en Spel in Amsterdam. In addition, she gives annual workshops and refresher courses in which the Feldenkrais method is combined with other disciplines (e.g. song, dance improvisation, Alexander technique): unusual and inspiring combinations. She studied Feldenkrais with Mia Segal, assistant to Moshe Feldenkrais, and pursued her Iokai Shiatsu study with Kazunori Sasaki at the Iokai Shiatsu Academie d’Europe. In 2010 she completed the Child’Space-Chava Shelhay method. Based on Feldenkrais, it is a method that supports babies in the first two years of their development. It is geared towards both parent(s) and the baby. Her background in modern dance, acrobatics, and her training in the Japanese voice and movement arts Shinto, Ki-training and Ki-Aikido, are major sources of inspiration for Anna, which she draws upon abundantly in her lessons and treatments. Anna is a member of the Dutch Feldenkrais Association (Nederlandse Feldenkrais Vereniging) and the Association of Iokai-Shiatsu Therapists (Vereniging voor Iokai-Shiatsu Therapeuten). She is also registered with RBCZ (the Register of Professional Practitioners in Complementary Care) (Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg) and SRBAG (the Register of Professional Supplementary Healthcare Practitioners) (Stichting Registratie Beroepsbeoefenaren Aanvullende Gezondheidszorg). Her Iokai Shiatsu treatments are partially refunded on the basis of supplementary insurance. Website: , e.mail:

Beste patiënten naam ,

Sinds vrijdag 1 mei kunnen de Fysiotherapeuten we weer voorzichtig opschalen met het behandelen van patiënten in de praktijk, wel nog onder omstandigheden die anders zijn dan je gewend bent. Zo maken we in eerste instantie alleen afspraken op afstand, via de telefoon of een videoverbinding. Naar aanleiding van dat gesprek bepalen we de vervolgstappen. Als jij, of iemand in jouw gezin, symptomen heeft van corona dan zullen we bijvoorbeeld beeldbellen of stellen we het even uit. Als het voor jouw zorg noodzakelijk is, en het ook veilig en verantwoord kan, plannen we wel een behandeling in de praktijk.

Belangrijk is dan dat we ons samen houden aan de hygiëneregels:

  • Geen handen schudden
  • Neem je eigen badhanddoek en nog beter een eigen laken mee
  • Was je handen voor en na de afspraak
  • 1 persoon per fysiotherapeut
  • Hoest en nies in je elleboog
  • Houd 1,5 meter afstand van andere patiënten
  • Bij griep of andere luchtwegklachten kom je niet

Als het nodig is, maakt de fysiotherapeut gebruik van persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen. Mogelijk vragen we jou ook om een mondkapje te dragen. In de praktijk houdt iedereen zo veel mogelijk 1,5 meter afstand van elkaar.

Samen doen we er alles aan om verspreiding van het coronavirus te voorkomen: jouw fysiotherapeut vertelt je welke fysiotherapeutische zorg mogelijk is. We vertrouwen erop dat je begrip hebt voor de maatregelen.

 Naam fysiotherapeut
naw-gegevens fysiotherapeut

Feldenkrais Groep lessen:

"Vanaf 20 april start Rineke Brinkhof met de online FK lessen: Ik houd de "oude tijden" aan: maandag om 15.45 uur en om 17.15 uur. Dinsdag (nieuw) avond van 19.00 tot 20.00 uur. De grootte van de groepen: zes tot maximaal acht personen"Mensen geïnteresseerd kunnen direct met haar contact nemen (

"Vanaf 27 april start Frances Schorer met de online FK lessen : maandag's van  9 tot 10.15 uur. Mensen geïnteresseerd kunnen direct met haar contact nemen (

"Barbara Roodnat geeft ook online FK lessen: maandag's van 19.30 tot 20.30". Mensen geïnteresseerd kunnen direct met haar contact nemen (

"Nicoline van der Pas geeft ook sinds begint april online FK lessen: dinsdag's om 18.30-19.45 uur". Mensen geïnteresseerd kunnen direct met haar contact nemen (

Lokai Shiatsu behandelingen en Massage therapie gaan op 18 mei weer beginnen.

Coachingsessies van de Gestalttherapeuten en de
Psychosynthese wél kunnen doorgaan, in de Praktijk of  in een digitale vorm. U kunt met de therapeut overleggen

Andere activiteiten zoals Yoga  eveneens stopgezet zijn.

Voor alle therapieën geldt, dat u met de desbetreffende therapeut contact op kunt nemen voor vragen en overleg .


15th mei 2020