Natanja den Boeft

Craniosacral therapy is a body-oriented therapy. It is generally a gentle hands-on method that is practised without hurry. This creates time and space to observe the body in all its facets and it complements the body’s own natural healing process. Aside from touch, there is also a dialogue to focus your consciousness on the symptoms and their causes. This alleviates the symptoms as well as enhances your consciousness so that you can influence your symptoms and enhance your own powers of control.
Symptoms related to abnormal tension respond particularly well to craniosacral therapy. These include stress, irritated bowel syndrome, insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, ‘residual pain’ following an injury, listlessness, and general malaise. Craniosacral therapy can also boost the rehabilitation process, in conjunction with other therapists. A number of specific complaints are treated in a particular way. A short period of treatment is prescribed for (recurring) cavity inflammations. The therapy provided for dental corrections (braces) reduces the pain and shortens the correction time.
In the therapy I give, I welcome and treat you as a whole human being. I have considerable knowledge and expertise. I work from my heart, because without heart there is no healing process.
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